Rant Less Organize More!

Huff PostI have held back in stating my worst fears about what could happen in a Trump presidency. But his actions in the first few days of his administration make it indelibly clear that he will do all of the things he threatened to do during the campaign. Today he is turning to immigrants in just the way he said he would.

I have been a student of American history my whole life. When I was in high school I read an obscure book by Sinclair Lewis called It Can’t Happen Here. Written in the 1930s, the novel gave a plausible account of how a fascist dictatorship could arise in this country. Now we see many of the things that Lewis envisioned coming true. Threats to press freedom. The return of torture. Executive orders that amount to ruling by decree in the absence of any countervailing power.

I’ve never been so concerned about the future of this country. I am not alone in these concerns. See Roger Cohen’s piece in the Times today.

Meanwhile one of the ways that people are responding to all this is with crude and angry attacks, such as Madonna’s. If you disagree about Madonna’s remarks, read Frank Bruni’s piece. As he put it “Rant less organize more!”

I am looking for effective organizing. The only way we can truly end this nightmare is by taking back political power at the ballot box.

We await the hoped-for revitalizing of the Democratic Party. Indivisible seems to have very cogent ideas about how to resist the coming onslaught.

If you know of other organizing that is going on, please share them.

And please share this rant so that it functions as organizing not ranting.



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