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In THENutureEffectCF.indd NURTURE EFFECT: How the Science of Human Behavior Can Improve Our Lives and Our World Dr. Anthony Biglan—a pioneer in the field of behavioral science—reveals the key to raising better young citizens and building a healthier society along with clear, specific action steps to leverage its power for individuals, families, schools, and finally for all society. By prioritizing the creation of nurturing environments at home, in school, at work, and everywhere else, Dr. Biglan advances a bold new method for wide-ranging societal improvement.

Behavioral science is a relatively new branch of the sciences, and only recently has its potential to vastly change lives for the better begun to be recognized. In THE NURTURE EFFECT, Dr. Biglan draws on the famous early behavioral work of scientists like B.F. Skinner, and synthesizes it with cutting-edge new research to make the case for nurture as the missing ingredient in the most troubled aspects of modern life.

THE NURTURE EFFECT will prove as valuable to parents (for whom nurturing is an absolutely essential concept to master) as it will to educators and policymakers. Dr. Biglan conveys advanced concepts in easy-to-understand language that makes the book accessible to the lay reader without sacrificing substance.

From raising children to running classrooms to crafting broad legislative reforms, THE NURTURE EFFECT outlines a complete theory and practice for making headway on the most stubborn individual and social problems.

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For parents:

  • The power of prosociality: Teaching children to restrain impulsive behavior and cooperate with others.

  • Why minimizing prenatal stress is one of the most overlooked and essential parts of raising healthy, happy, well-behaved kids.

  • Teaching the behaviors that will make adolescence a time of thriving growth rather than rebellious self-destruction.

  • Ensuring children are spending time with peers who will encourage them to grow rather than lead them into trouble.

For educators:

  • How to reduce aversive, threatening behavior in the classroom without resorting to harsh punishment.

  • Ways to reinforce cooperation and self-regulation, whether or not the students are receiving the proper guidance at home.

  • Implementing teaching practices that enable every child to learn.

For policymakers:

  • Why regulating the marketing of certain products—not only tobacco and alcohol, but junk food and subtler vices—is essential to nurturing a healthy and happy society. (And how to do this without encroaching on constitutionally-protected freedom.)

  • Ensuring that all policy starts with a basis in objective, significant evidence.

  • Why working to close the poverty gap, thereby increasing the well-being of millions of families, will have wide-reaching positive effects on the U.S. economy—from top to bottom.

For all citizens:

  • The need for increased mindfulness, empathy and forgiveness in our increasingly fast-paced and competitive world.

  • The power of psychological flexibility.

  • Recommendations for grassroots advocacy.

Despite all the distressing news, we are also making behavioral progress—for example, in the drastic reduction of cigarette consumption in America. THE NURTURE EFFECT distills such achievements—which we now understand thanks to behavioral science—down to a repeatable formula backed by ample data.

The happy lives we want for ourselves and future generations are well within reach. Anyone, truly, anyone, can master Dr. Tony Biglan’s method by reading and implementing the ideas found in this hopeful, practical book.

THE NURTURE EFFECT: How the Science of Human Behavior Can Improve Our Lives and Our World
Hardcover: 288 pages
Price: $26.95
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN-10: 1608829553
ISBN-13: 978-1608829552

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